Buy 4CYTE EQUINE 3.5KG online




Buy 4CYTE EQUINE 3.5KG online.

Buy 4CYTE EQUINE 3.5KG online is recommend for use in treating mild to modernate  Osteo -Arthritis after joint damage or surgery.


4CYTE is recommend for use in treating mild to modernate Osteo -Arthritis after joint damage or surgery.

It can also be used as a preventative treatment horses prone to joint issues.

Product features: Buy 4CYTE EQUINE 3.5KG online

Supports natural mechanism to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.
Assists to maintain normal joint function
Contains key ingredients such as: Abalone, green lipped mussel & marine cartilage known for promoting healthy joints.
Assists with recovery times after excessive exercise.

Recommended for:

Horses pre and post operative joint surgery
Athletic or working horses
Horses who may be predisposed to  arthritis
Ageing horses

Has undergone in-vitro, in-vivo and clincal studies
Safe to administer and take long-term with no known side effects
Palatable chicken flavoured orally consumed granules

Order 4CYTE Equine 3.5kg online.

Advanced joint support, stimulating the natural mechanism to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.

4CYTE Equine is the only product available with the inclusion of ‘Epiitalis a patented plant extract that contains a range of essential fatty acids which stimulate chondrocyte (cell) proliferation.

Proven to assist with recovery from vigorous activity and resulting aches and pains.

4CYTE™ Equine reduces the production of chemicals PGE2 and Nitric oxide which may on turn assit with recovery of still uncomfortable joints.

Proven protection and promotion of healthy cartilage 4CYTE Equine provides a full range of naturally occurring GAGs and Omega-3 fatty acids essential for the production of cartilage.

4CYTE provides a proven increase in chondrocyte viability.

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