Buy Absorbine Pro CMC Online




Buy Absorbine Pro CMC Online.

Buy Absorbine Pro CMC Online is formulated to calm nervous stomachs and relieve gastric distress. Coats and soothes the stomach lining as it neutralizes stomach acid.

Use of Absorbine Pro CMC:

This equine stomach care supplement proactively supports normal gastric and intestinal function to maintain a healthy stomach and help prevent the gastric distress that can be caused by a high-grain, low-fiber diet, or the physical and emotional stress of training, shipping, weaning, or drug therapies.

– Buffering formula coats the lining of the stomach to help maintain normal stomach acids and guard against gastric distress.

– Provides an essential source of calcium and magnesium, known to promote strong bones and a healthy cardiovascular system.

– Comes in a palatable, apple-flavored formula.

Where to Absorbine Pro CMC Gastric Relief Formula Online?

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