Buy Camgest E 50ml Online




Buy Camgest E 50ml Online.

Buy Camgest E 50ml Online gives excellent results in the synchronisation of cycles for matching Recipient and Donor female camels and horses in Embryo Transfer programmes.

What is Camgest E?

It is a unique injectable combination of Progesterone in Oil, at a higher than usual concentration (50mg/ml), combined with Vitamin E (50 i.u./ml) presented in a 50 ml vial.

This matrix provides a superior medication for the breeding industry.

How dose CAMGEST E works?

Progesterone is especially important in the function of the corpus luteum, which maintains the pregnancy in the female animal as well as being essential in the breeding cycle and the development of follicles on the ovary.

Deficiency is extremely common in racing and breeding horses and camels.

Vitamin E is vital in general health maintenance and more specifically reproductive function from the time of fertilization to pregnancy maintenance.


It is use to developed more specifically for reproductive work in racing camels and horses it gives excellent results in the synchronisation of cycles for matching recipient and donor female camels in Embryo Transfer programmes.

Camgest E will provide excellent results where no other product can. Camgest E can also be used to help with habitual embryonic loss early in pregnancy in both female camels and horses as well as suppressing problem behaviour in male camels.


100 mg (2ml) given daily I.M. for 10 days is very effective in suppressing ovarian activity and decreasing the incidence of Cystic Hemorrhagic Follicles as well as giving a more uniform rebound of follicle growth post injection course.

Always use in accordance of the advice of your veterinary professional.

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