Buy Dexarectic 10ml Online




Buy Dexarectic 10ml Online.

Buy Dexarectic 10ml Online is not only the research and science but also being able to treat the Camel within 5 days of racing.

What is Dexarectic?

It has been 3 years in the research and development stage and we are finally able to release this breakthrough product to the Camel racing industry.

Dexarectic is used in racing Camels as an aid anti-inflammatory and well as having a diuretic affect as well.

It also supports the management in various conditions including rheumatic, allergic and dermatologic which are known to be responsive to anti-inflammatory corticosteroids.

How does Dexarectic works:

Dexarectic is indicated for the treatment of acute musculoskeletal inflammation in Camels as well as a diuretic.

Use of Dexarectic:

It is a dual purpose anti-inflammatory which also has a diurectic effect, these actions are essential when it comes to racing Camels.

There has been other variations of this medication in this area before, but due to the advancement in technologies and new testing procedures these medications cannot be used in a timely manner and have a withholding period.

Dexarectic can be used in full confidence and when used correctly within the treatment time frame you will be assured of great results.

It is an essential for racing Camels and should be used in any training and racing program.

Dexarectic dosage:

Each 10ml has a potent dosage of a formulated anti-inflammatory as well as a diuretic. Administer 10ml IV 5 days before competition DO NOT treat Camel any closer than this with Dexarectic.


Dexarectic is patented formula it has a extracted molecule from dexamethasone as well ANP 28-17 and ANF 14-46 peptide sequence.


Store below 25°C keep out of direct sunlight, do not freeze. Do not use if seal is broken, keep out of children’s reach.

Where to buy Dexarectic?

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