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Buy DHEA 50ml online.

Buy DHEA 50ml online is a key hormone in overall health. It increases energy and improves mood.

What is DHEA? Buy DHEA 50ml online.

DHEA is a key hormone in overall health. It increases energy and improves mood.

DHEA is made primarily in the adrenal glands and is essential for protein building and repair.

A natural steroid produced from cholesterol by the adrenal glands, DHEA is the precursor of androstenedione. DHEAP also contains Pregnenolone, an ingredient that makes a mare more feminine.

Use of DHEA

– Key hormone in overall health
– Increases energy and improves mood
– Essential for protein building and repair
– Natural steroid.

Where to buy DHEA 50 ml online

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DHEA and other adrenal androgens such as androstenedione, although relatively weak androgens, are responsible for the androgenic effects of adrenarche, such as early pubic and axillary hair growth, adult-type body odor, increased oiliness of hair and skin, and mild acne.

DHEA is potentiated locally via conversion into testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the skin and hair follicles.

Women with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS), who have a non-functional androgen receptor (AR) and are immune to the androgenic effects of DHEA and other androgens, have absent or only sparse/scanty pubic and axillary hair and body hair in general, demonstrating the role of DHEA and other androgens in body hair development at both adrenarche and pubarche.


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