Buy Folltropin Vetoquinol online




Buy Folltropin Vetoquinol online.

Buy Folltropin Vetoquinol online is a stimulating hormone for injection.

Induces superovulation in reproductively mature heifers and cows. Contains FSH equivalent to 400mg NIH.

What is Folltropin Vetoquinol?

Follicle stimulating hormone for injection. Induces superovulation in reproductively mature heifers and cows.

Contains FSH equivalent to 400mg NIH. Each dose includes one 20ml vial with included sterile diluent, the amount necessary for the 2.5ml, twice daily injections over 4 days for cattle.

Uses of Folltropin: Buy Folltropin Vetoquinol online

– Folltropin is used for the induction of superovulation in reproductively mature heifers and cows.

– Folltropin is one of the safest products for use in super stimulation protocols due to its low LH content, and it is the most cited commercial FSH product in embryo transfer literature.

– Folltropin is a highly purified extract obtained from carefully selected porcine pituitary glands, and has a consistently low LH:FSH ratio.

– It is lyophilized to maintain potency under normal storage conditions.

– Folltropin was developed specifically for the super stimulation of domestic animals used in embryo transfer, based on the limitations of other gonadotrophin preparations available in the market.

A great deal of effort has been expended over the years in improving super stimulation treatment protocols.

Treatments have evolved from natural luteolysis to complete control of follicular development and ovulation.

These advances have made superovulation treatment more “user friendly” and have helped in disseminating the application of embryo transfer technology throughout the world.

A major advancement has been the purification of gonadotrophin products for the induction of super stimulation.

– Folltropin is a purified pituitary extract that has been used successfully in breeds of cattle globally for 25 years.

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