Buy Panacur Suspension 10% Online




Buy Panacur Suspension 10% Online.

Buy Panacur Suspension 10% Online  removes and controls a wide range of parasites in cattle and horses.

What is Panacur Suspension?

Panacur Suspension 10% removes and controls a wide range of parasites in cattle and horses.

It works against small and large strongyles, pinworms and roundworms in horses as well as lungworms, roundworms, stomach worms, hookworms and tapeworms in cattle.

Proven to be very safe and effective when used as directed. Given orally; most often mixed with food. No dietary control is required before or after treatment.

Active ingredient is 100mg/ml Fenbendazole.

– Panacur is a 10% suspension of fenbendazole as a ready to administer oral anthelmintic for cattle, sheep and horses.

– 1 ml contains 100 mg active ingredient fenbendazole.

A broad-spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of cattle and sheep infected with mature and developing immature forms of nematodes of the gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts.

Safe in pregnant mares and stallions.

Order Panacur Suspension online:

For the treatment and control of adult and immature roundworms of the gastro-intestinal tract in horses and other equines.

Panacur Oral Suspension effectively treats and controls the following roundworm infections:

Large strongly (adults and migrating larval stages of S. vulgaris; adults and tissue larval stages of S. edentatus)

Benzimidazole susceptible adult and immature small strongyles (Cyathostomes).

It  is also effective for the treatment and control of encysted mucosal 3rd and 4th stage small strongly  larvae and is also effective against encysted inhibited 3rd stage small strongly larvae in the mucosa.

Practical dosage recommendations:

65kg – 5ml

135kg – 10ml

200kg – 15ml

265kg – 20ml

335kg – 25ml

400kg – 30ml.

Where to Buy Panacur Suspension:

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